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The Budget Weaver

I love pretty much the whole gammut of fiber arts, but my first love was weaving, and then you might say I worked my way backwards from yarn to spinning to raising angora rabbits. Contrary to what the name suggests, I don’t actually own a purple lamb–not yet anyway. As you probably already know if you made your way here, becoming a fiber artist is not an inexpensive hobby. I refuse to skimp on the tools that work well, but I certainly do “skimp” where I can. Here are a couple tiny tools that work well for me and cost, well, pretty much nothing: As you can see, the one on the left is a twisty tie, and the one on the right is an old credit card that has been cut into the shape of a hook. I use these for warping my rigid heddle loom instead of a threading tool. I use the twisty tie for the holes and the credit card for the slot. They are far from glamorous, but they do work. The only downside is that I need 2 tools instead of one. The credit card is too big to fit in the holes of the heddle, and the twisty tie is a little more bother to use because it’s so flexible. The good thing about both is that, if you are like me and tend to mislay little things, they are quite easy to replace! Here they are in action: