BOUQUET - Super Bulky Handspun Yarn - 2-ply Soft Luxury Handspun Yarn Made from Finn, Merino, BFL, Silk, and Angora


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This yarn was inspired by a lovely painting that we have of a floral bouquet. I took the colors from the painting and the textures from all the softest fibers. I carded the fibers together on my drum carder. Next I spun two bobbins of the yarn thick and thin. After that I plied the two bobbins' full together, adding coils or beehives whenever there was an extra thick spot.

This is a bright, happy yarn that will be a joy to knit or crochet with. It would look wonderful in a saori weaving creation as well.

Name: Bouquet 4.0
Yarn Weight: Super Bulky/Chunky Weight
Wraps per Inch: 4-5
Yards per Pound: 187
Length in Yards: 40
Ounces/Grams: 3.6 ounces/102 grams
Plies: 2
Recommended Needle Size: 11-17 US
Recommended Hook Size: M-13 to Q
Spinning Style: Thick and thin with coils
Contents: 38% merino, 23% bamboo, 13% superwash BFL, 11% tussah silk, 5% finn wool, 5% mulberry silk, 5% angora
Instructions: Wash in cool water by hand and air dry

Each skein of yarn is handspun by me with loving care and contains a label with all the yarn facts shown above. Your yarn is wrapped in matching tissue paper and shipped promptly, making a great presentation if you are giving it as a gift to your favorite fiber artist--even if that happens to be you!

 Also, as a token of my appreciation, I am including your choice of either a sprig of fresh rosemary or a handmade felt ball infused with essential lavender oil with your order. Both of these are natural moth deterrents. If you would prefer not to have either one, just choose the no scent option instead.

Happy fiber artistry!