About Us

Purple Lamb is about joy--the joy of creating using yarn that lavishes every sense. It’s about color and softness and texture running through your fingers as you create a work of art out of the work of art that is handspun yarn. Purple Lamb contains fun, whimsical, and always soft handspun yarn, hand-dyed yarn, and art batts all made by yours truly.

If it isn’t soft enough to wear next to the skin, it’s not something I’m interested in making. Soft is my thing. I use merino, silk, alpaca, angora, bamboo, kid mohair, and a few other really soft fibers so you can make wearable art that you’ll really want to wear. In addition to softness, all my yarn has to be durable so that whatever you create with my yarn will last.

I find inspiration for color everywhere I look, but especially in the beauty of God's creation around me. All products come from a smoke-free but pet-friendly home (a dog and some gerbils). Each art batt and skein of yarn is created with love and care so you can use it to create an heirloom to last a lifetime.

Purple Lamb is owned by Carla Hanson and her husband, Robert. Carla creates most of the art batts, all of the handspun and hand-dyed yarn, and all of the items you find in the Wearable Art section. Robert helps with a lot of the technical details, and our children (most of whom create an art batt now and then) provide inspiration, joy, and keep us focused on the most important things.